Meddle is considered to be the studio album of the English group of progressive rock by Pink Floyd. This was released last October 30, 1971 through Harvest Records. This was produced during the commitments of band touring which started from January until August 1971. This album was recorded in the sequence of places within London that includes the Morgan Studios and Abbey Road Studios.

The band planned the series of experiments novel that eventually inspired by the signature of the album, Echoes. This happened even without any clear idea of their album’s direction and material to work with. Although there are many of their album that will be centralized and unified through the lyrics that was written by Roger Waters. Meddle will be a group effort that has lyrical contributions to each of the member. The cover includes the close-up shot for the ear in underwater. The album was received by the music critics by the time of its release. But in spite of the commercial success in the United Kingdom, a dull publicity in the part of the United States came up which led to low sales upon the initial release.

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Though the track possess several of moods, Meddle is considered to be cohesive than the 1970 predecessor of Atom Heart Mother. The greatly instrumental “A Pillow of Winds” and “One of these Days” which is defined of being one of the little acoustic and quiet love songs of the catalogue of Pink Floyd.


As they return in a series of tours across England and America, as 1971 started, that also started working on the new material in Abbey Road. During that time, Abbey Road was prepared only to have eight multi track recording services wherein Pink Floyd discovered it to be insufficient in increasing the technical demands of the project. They are able to transfer the best effort that includes opening of the “Echoes”, up to 16-track in smaller studios found in London. The work was resumed in the advantage of more flexible equipment for recording. Engineers Peter Bown and John Leckie recorded the major AIR session and Abbey Road. On the other hand, minor work was done in Morgan studios found in Roger Quested and West Hampstead Rob Black that handled the duties of engineers.

Due to the lack of central theme in the project, the band made use of various experimental methods in attempting to spur a creative process. One of the process involve of a member playing with the separate track having no reference of knowing what the others were doing. The tempo was random as the band is playing around the agreed structure chord and moods like the romantic of the first two minutes and then next two until tempo. Every recorded section has given a name. Thus the process became unproductive; after many weeks there are no completed songs that had been created.

John Leckie who already worked in different albums was employed to be the tape-operator of Meddle. There was no recording company except if the manage will show up. The band has been working and spending long time in simple sounds or with a particular riff of guitar. They usually spend many days in Air Studios trying to create music with the use of varied household objects.

The band created “Son of Nothing” that was followed by the “Return of the Son of Nothings” which is the working title of the latest album. One of the early works incorporates the use of piano by Richard Wright. Wright fed single note with the use of Leslie speaker that produces submarine-like ping. The band repeatedly tried in recreating this kind of sound within a studio; unfortunately it was not a success. So the version of the demo was used in what we call as the “Echoes”, everything was mixed exclusively in Air Studios. With the use of David Gilmour’s guitar, the band is able to develop the tracking with an experiment of the sound effects.


The album Meddle is a product of playing on words; the medal to interfere. Storm Thorgerson initially requested the close-up shot of the baboons’ anus for the photograph cover of the album. He was ruled over by the bands who inform him through an inter-continental call while they are on a tour in Japan that they would prefer “an ear underwater”. Bob Dowling is the one who made the photograph of the cover image. The image was represented with a collection of wave sounds that was represented by the ripples in water, an ear and the underwater. However, Thorgerson expressed dissatisfaction with regard to the cover considering it to be the least favorite of Pink Floyd sleeve album.

Reception and Release

The album Meddle was released last October 30, 1971 in United States and in United Kingdom it was released on November 13. Meddle was released as re-mastered LP by the “Mobile fidelity Sound Lab, and last April 1989 with their “Ultra disc” golden CD format. The album became the part of a box that sets in Shine On in the date of November 2, 1992.

Inspite of its release in UK that released in number three, lackluster publicity in the part of the Capitol Records that leads to the weak sales in US. Later on, the Meddle was certified gold by RIAA on October 29, 1973 and achieve its double platinum last March 11, 1994.

Critical Response

During the release, Meddle received a positive review from the music critics. Meddle do not only confirms with the lead guitarist emergence to be a real force shaping in the group. The group was accurately and forcefully in the growth of their track.

The song of this album is very engaging, compelling, and intelligent and has a very clear tune. Meddle is said to be one of the greatest excursions with the little details that points the way in the measure of brilliance. The album is considered to be one of Floyd’s consistent explorations of the mood most especially with the time of Harvest. This also stands to be the strongest record as released between the Dark Side and Syd’s departure.